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Botox? So last year...
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Dermal Fillers


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‘If you’re looking for a good alternative to botox, dermal fillers will plump lines and wrinkles, giving you a great immediate effect,’ says Dr Patrick Bowler, medical director of Court House Clinics, and consultant dermatologist on Channel 4’s Ten Years Younger.

Like botox, the treatment is given by injection, but unlike botox the main ingredient is a synthetic replica of a natural ingredient that we already have in our skin.

Hyaluronic acid is lost from our cells as we age, leaving our skin thinner. The synthetic version used in dermal fillers pumps the mattress of the skin, softening deep lines such as frown lines, acne scarring or lipstick lines.

It will also give the skin a generally plumper, softer look. A treatment takes about 30 minutes and lasts for around six months.

For more information visit www.courthouseclinics.com or call 0845 555 5050 for your nearest clinic.


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