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Interview with Shiseido specialist Christine Maas

Interview with Shiseido specialist Christine Maas
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We popped in to see specialist Christine Maas at Shideido to get the lowdown on slimming creams.

What exactly do slimming creams do? 
Slimming technology has come on in leaps and bounds and it can be very useful for improving the quality of your skin. Slimming creams basically contain active ingredients that reduce the size of adipocytes (those nasty cells that store fat). They also stimulate the lymphatic flow and circulation of the blood, which are factors in the build-up of cellulite. They contain firming agents to reduce the 'cottage cheese effect' and give you smoother, suppler skin.  

What's the best way of applying them?
Regularly! Use them in the morning and again at night. Start by applying from your ankles up to the top of your thighs in an upwards motion, to get your circulation going. Massage your thighs and buttocks for longer to make sure it penetrates your skin really well. Spread onto your stomach and apply in circular, clockwise movements to help reduce swelling.


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