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Patches: pratical & effective

Patches: pratical & effective
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Patches are handy and easy to use: just slap them onto dry skin wherever you have orange peel issues (thighs, buttocks, hips etc).  
The basic principle is the law of concentration, ie transferring and shifting elements from one place to another. Patches contain concentrated slimming agents that penetrate right into your skin and work their magic quickly, instantly or gradually, depending on the type you choose. They never release too much at once, so you can't 'overdose.'

Regular use pays off: after a month's use you can expect to lose up  to 2cm from your thighs, 3cm from your buttocks and reduce your fat stores by 5.4% on average.

*Source: Lineance (tests carried out on 150 women under strict medical control for a month).


Sarah Horrocks
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