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Tattoos: what's behind them...
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Tattoo, sexy, erotic, aesthetic

Tattoo, sexy, erotic, aesthetic

Like a necklace, lipstick or hat, a tattoo can be seen as an accessory which adds a little touch of fantasy and individuality to our appearance.

It can be used to camouflage an imperfection, emphasize a part of the body or quite simply transform your skin into a living work of art.

Some people are tattooed in places that they don't even see, which incite looks from other people, but they don't really getting to enjoy looking at it themselves. Others prefer to hide their tattoo and take a narcissistic and egoistic pleasure in enjoying it in the intimacy of their own home. Tattoos often get revealed to partners at intimate moments...

Tattoos are also a method of eroticizing your body. In contrast to the sexually explicit tattoos that were very much in vogue in the 19th century, it doesn't matter these days what the actual design is: the erotic aspect of a tattoo basically depends on where it's located. And there are a fair few sexy spots to choose from: breasts, pubic area, belly button, hips, buttocks and the rest.


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