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Brits in the sun

Brits in the sun

Brits in the sun

A study carried out by Cancer Research UK discovered some interesting facts about the attitudes and behaviour of Brits…

> 90% of people questioned were aware that exposure to the sun without sunscreen increased the risk of skin cancer.

> 84% actually do something to protect themselves from the sun.

> Women tend to think a suntan makes them more attractive, but they are also more likely to be concerned about the dangers of exposure to the sun and more likely to protect themselves.

Results and conclusion
Behaviour varies according to age and sex. Older people are more likely to see staying in the shade as a way of protecting themevles from the sun. Women are more knowledgeable about the sun’s dangers and the ways ito avoid them. Interestingly, knowledge of how to prevent skin cancer is better the later the age people leave full-time education.


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