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Sunburn treatment | After sun skin care
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Advice for after sun exposure


 - Advice for after sun exposure
You've come back from the beach and your skin is itchy from the salt water and sand, and feeling tight from the wind exposure.

It's time to feed and water your skin!

Don't scrub yourself.

"Don't use any harsh soaps." Says Dr Joëlle Sébaoun, "Take a short, cool shower with a soft soap."

Let your skin settle for a couple of days before exfoliating. Once any initial burn has worn off exfoliating will actually help you maintain and prolong your tan.

Use a good moisturizing after sun

To prevent redness and edemas make sure you moisturize. Pharmacists (try Boots) will be able to suggest a suitable cream or lotion if you're not sure.

"For instant relief, keep your after sun cream in the fridge", says wewomen Editor, Anna-Belle Woollcott.

If you have a burn or blisters, your pharmicist will also be able to advise you. Do not be tempted to pop your blisters.

If you are sunburnt, you need a soothing cream such as an anti-inflamatory cream with hydrocortisone.


Drinking plenty of water is the key. As long as you aren't properly sunburnt, good hydration will make your skin soft and supple.

Drink a LOT of water - make sure you get at least 2litres a day. Sweating, drinking alcohol and sun bathing all deplete your hydration levels making you skin appear dry and dull.


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