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Radiant post-holiday skin

Sunkissed skin needs maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition. Heer’s how to ensure your holiday glow lasts well into fall. 

 - Radiant post-holiday skin

It may seem counter-intuitive to scrub away at your tan, but exfoliation oxygenates skin, stimulates melanin production and lends it a soft sheen. It also makes self-tanning products far less risky to apply! Use a natural exfoliant like AmaZene’s Mango and Murumuru hydrating scrub, £11.95 at www.beautique.com.

Maintain your skin’s moisture levels by using essential olive or almond oil-based products in the bath or shower, and apply an intensive moisturizer like E45’s Endless Moisture Replenishing Care Body Cream, £6.84, available nationwide.

It’s fine to apply self-tanning moisturizer on top of a natural tan, but take care if you've suffered sunburn or peeling, as you could end up with a patchwork effect. Check out our pick of tanning moisturizers here. If you start with an intense color, switch down to a shade for fairer skin as the weeks go by and your claims to authenticity are starting to wear a bit thin.

Use a radiance-boosting or light-reflecting cream on your face in tandem with your body moisturizer (glowing limbs and a pasty face, or vice versa, are an instant giveaway!). No7 Time Resisting Day Cream SPF, £17 at Boots, has a light texture and light-reflective particles to enhance a natural glow.

Our skin produces more oil in the summer, so don’t overload it with product as soon as you’re back from your holiday. Revlon Beyond Natural Foundation, £9.78 nationwide, is a featherweight liquid foundation that comes out white and adjusts to match skin tone. It's available in four shades from September.

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Sarah Horrocks


Sarah Horrocks
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