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Natural facelifts: bt Cocktail Lift and Genie Take Ten Facial

Natural facelifts tried and tested


The bt Cocktail Lift is an innovative treatment for boosting skin’s ability to absorb vital ingredients to ensure a younger looking, more toned, moisturized condition. It promises a 40 per cent reduction in fine wrinkles, 70 per cent reduction in deep wrinkles, 80 per cent reduction in pore size and a 65 per cent improvement in skin elasticity. One of the active ingredients the Bio-Therapeutic products use is ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the magic force behind the effectiveness of this non-invasive facial; restoring life and vibrancy to the face from the first treatment.

After skin is thoroughly cleansed and toned, the skin’s moisture levels across the face are measured using the bt-analyze - a handheld tool that uses bio-electric technology for pinpoint accuracy. This ensures each treatment is tailored specifically to your skin’s condition allowing the therapist to focus on individual problem areas, which in my case were dark circles around the eyes. An exfoliating product is then applied which allows the bt micro-tool - the clever micro current technology - to peel away dull skin and is gentle enough even to use around the eye area. It allows for a deeper penetrating exfoliation to clear the skin of dirt, grime, make-up and dead skin cells.

The two stainless steel probes work to help lift and contour the eyes, cheeks and jaw line. Applied with the bt cocktail, it lifts and plumps skin by ionizing. The treatment is painless and the time passes quickly during the 30-minute treatment. Finally, a deep penetrating collagen moisturizer is applied and my face was left glowing, flushed with colour and instantly I could see my problem dark circles were already looking lighter. Days later my face looked fresh, vibrant, wonderfully soft and my dark circled eyes continue to look lighter.


Julie Penfold
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