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Natural facelifts: bt Cocktail Lift and Genie Take Ten Facial

Genie Take Ten Facial


The world’s first ten-minute facial, Genie’s Take Ten Facial is known as the personal trainer for the face. The machine works by rebuilding muscle mass resulting in the face looking fuller and visibly lifted non-invasively. Skin is firstly cleansed of make-up ensuring the pads adhere better to the skin. Pads are placed on forehead and cheeks, and the face is linked up to the Genie Machine and ready for a workout. The machine uses a mediwave technology which is up to 1000 times stronger than anything else on the market and the current is passed through the skin to stimulate muscle tone while exercising facial muscles. It is the only system on the market that rebuilds muscle mass. The experience can only be described as bizarre and unforgettable.

At eight-second intervals the muscles contract in your face so strongly that your teeth clamp tightly together and your eyes involuntarily close. The feeling of pins and needles overtakes your face and it is a marmite kind of experience - you either love the sensation or hate it. I had to curb the urge to laugh as my face kept upturning without my control. In beauty, you only look good if you undergo some levels of pain - and this uncomfortable feeling is over in a flash and the results are well worth the discomfort. My face looked radiant immediately after, just glowing with rosy cheeks and in a healthy fresh-faced state. My skin felt tighter, softer and youthful. After just one treatment, the results are really fantastic and it is a non-invasive facial everyone should try once.

Bt Cocktail Lift & Genie Take Ten Facial Treatment available at Beauty Angels, 1st Floor, High Street, Sedgefield, Co. Durham.
Tel: (01740) 623869
Prices and special offers available by contacting the salon directly.

Julie Penfold


Julie Penfold
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