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The New Anti-Aging Facial Using Your Own DNA

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on July 31, 2015

What if you could discover exactly how your skin’s genetically destined to age? Acclaimed facialist Kate Kerr has done just that with her bespoke FutureSkin DNA Program and we got to try it out. Science doesn’t usually do it for us but in this case we’ll make the excuse. Here’s what happened when I future proofed my skin.

You only get one skin! It’s one of those sayings your mum drums into your head from the get go and, as with everything, the woman got it right. Again.

We’d do, try and slap on anything to keep our skin healthy, happy and line-free wouldn’t we? Which is why Kate Kerr’s (AKA the facialist of the future) new approach to anti-aging is a beauty game changer.

How the FutureSkin DNA Program works

You plan is divided into three parts:

1. Discover: your skin’s future and unlock your FutureSkin DNA Program - a quick swab on the inside of your cheek is all it takes.

2. Nurture: your skin with the personalized 5 step anti-aging program

3. Achieve: the best possible anti-aging results based on your genetic profile

Using the results of your personal DNA test your skin’s genetic health and vulnerability are identified in 5 key areas of skin aging.


The 5 indicators which contribute to your overall score out of 100 are:

  • Firmness and elasticity - the speed of collagen production and the rate at which it breaks down.

  • Wrinkling (glycation) - Glycation occurs when glucose binds with your collagen and elastic fibres to form abnormal chemical bridges. These abnormalities then lead to tissue damage known as glycation.

  • Sun damage and pigmentation - your skin remembers every single bit of sun you've ever had. Scary thought. The cumulative effect of repeated sun damage causes skin DNA impairment, inflammation and oxidative stress.

  • Free radical damage (oxidation) - free radicals are highly reactive short lived molecules that can damage almost any molecule in our body. The amount of antioxidants in your body is directly proportional to the healthy long term appearance of your skin.

  • Sensitivity and inflammation - your genetic predispositions play a big role in determining the supply, or over supply of inflammation product.

Your test score is out of 100 an allows Kate to optimize your future skin program according to your genetic strengths and weaknesses.

After Kate explained what each of the key indicators meant in laymen's terms (I'm hard work I know) and delivered my overall FutureSkinDNA score of 68%, it was onto the nurturing part.


Your personalized anti-aging program is made up of a skincare prescription, advanced skincare treatments, supplements, lifestyle advice and aesthetic procedures all based on your genetic blue print. Future-proofing your skin from every angle!

Not only are you well equipped with clinical facials and skincare tailored to your needs, including a morning and evening beauty routine, but you'll also receive dietry and lifestyle advice based on your risk levels for each of the five indicators.


I would recommend Kate Kerr's FutureSkin DNA program for anyone who's looking for a more specialized, personalized and targeted approach to skincare.

At my age, it's about prevention rather than cure, so talking to Kate about how I should support my skin’s strengths and weaknesses was really beneficial, particularly as my beauty routine changes by the day.

If you're after structured, long-term, results-driven skincare - specifically designed with genetics and anti-aging in mind - then this is the only place you need to look!

As Kate says, "Aging is inevitable but by following the FutureSkin DNA program you can take the revolutionary step towards protecting your skin for years to come."

The complete FutureSkin DNA Program costs from £495. This includes a comprehensive skin analysis and consultation, 30 minute bespoke facial, a full description of your skin’s genetic make up and your individual targeted FutureSkin DNA Program.

This article was written by Lareese Craig. For more tried and tested beauty reviews follow her @LareeseCraig

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