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Growing young gracefully: botox, vitamins and anti-aging treatments
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Dr Nadine

Dr Nadine
© Dr Nadine Pomarede

Is younger-looking skin a key for success in modern society?
Yes, beautiful wrinkle-free skin has become synonymous with dynamism and well-being. Our skin is the image of ourselves that we give out to others. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your skin to maintain its youth and beauty. The ultimate aim is a totally natural look. Cosmetic medicine is part of a whole new lifestyle, bridging the gap between dermocosmetics and cosmetic surgery. It’s a gentle way of fighting against aging and skin disorders, and the treatments available are constantly evolving and changing.

If you want to have treatment, where should you go?
It’s important to get all the information and guarantees you need before trusting anyone. Choose a good practitioner: a qualified dermatologist/plastic surgeon who listens well and knows his/her stuff.  You should ask for an in-depth interview during which you ask all the questions you have, the doctor shows you (with a mirror, for example) exactly what the treatment contains, what it does, you discuss what you want to achieve from it and why. You can then make an informed decision in confidence.

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