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Growing young gracefully: botox, vitamins and anti-aging treatments
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Interview with Dr Nadine Pomarede (continued)

Interview with Dr Nadine Pomarede (continued)

If you want younger-looking skin, what should you go for ?
There are lifting treatments available such as hyaluronic acid, which has an immediate effect on wrinkles, as soon as you’re out of the treatment room! Then there are treatments such as botulic toxin which relax your muscles and which take a few days to act. These two I’ve just talked about are totally different treatments for different types of wrinkles! Horizontal lines, frown lines and crow’s feet are caused by muscle contraction, which makes the epidermis and the derm ‘break down.’ These aren’t aging wrinkles – you can get them at 25 if you raise your eyebrows often enough! But other lines, such as those around the nost area are aging wrinkles which develop over time.

Are these treatments dangerous?
Nowadays they are very reliable – there is no danger whatsoever involved in these treatments if they are administered by qualified doctors according to protocol. Personally, having specific beauty treatments is just something I do regularly, no different to having my teeth polished or my ends done. It’s a long-term investment and definitely worth it – the more you have, the more beautiful your skin is and the slower the aging process.


Sarah Horrocks
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