Anti-aging: expert advice from Dior
Anti-age creams or day cream? - How to use an anti-age skincare product
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Anti-age creams or day cream? - How to use an anti-age skincare product

 Jimenis: Can anti-aging creams be used instead of moisturizing creams or should I use both? 
> EMJ:
A moisturizer is designed to enrich and preserve skin’s water content. Although moisturizing is essential for maintaining the skin’s quality, unfortunately it’s not always enough: which is where anti-aging creams come in. Aside from moisturizing, an anti-aging cream tackles the causes and consequences of the aging process of skin cells in order to prevent and correct signs of aging.

Choschtiwiya: Is it necessary to change a cream regularly so that the skin doesn’t get used to it, making it less effective?
> EMJ: A skincare product isn’t a drug so dependence doesn’t arise if the product is targeted at correcting skin damage. An anti-aging product like One Essential, whose aim is to repair the skin’s damaged structures, will always be effective and long-term usage is the only way to enable optimal and long-lasting effectiveness.
macu2: Are there specific skincare products for the neck or should I use the same creams on my neck as I use on my face?

> EMJ:
The neck faces the same aging problems as the face. It often shows greater signs of aging because while we think about protecting our face from the sun, we often forget to protect our neck.  Skincare products for the face are also very good for using on the neck. It’s actually recommended to apply them to the neck.

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