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Breaking bad skincare habits - Clarins advice
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Breaking bad skincare habits - Clarins advice

Manie7492: I'm 37 years old and I never get round to taking my make-up off in the evening. Will this damage my skin and is this damage reversible?

 - Breaking bad skincare habits - Clarins advice
Isabelle Thery: You should always make time to take off your make-up. Make-up removal/cleansing in the evening should always be a part of your routine (even if you don’t wear make-up and even if you get home late). Otherwise, make-up particles, pollution, your day cream and sweat will all rest on the surface of your skin and will bother the skin as you sleep and will also contribute to the production of free radicals which contribute to aging. As the night is the time when your skin is renewing itself, its natural protective defenses are down which means your skin is even more vulnerable.... As soon as you start to take off your make-up in the evenings and apply night cream on a regular basis (we recommend Clarins Extra-Firming Cream) you will be surprised at how much clearer you skin looks in the morning.

Anonymous: I've never put anything on my skin and now I have a few marks appearing. Should I adapt a beauty routine, using lots of products? (I don't wear make-up either, I prefer the natural look!)
Katell Vié:
With age, marks appear on the areas that are exposed to the sun (face, neck, chest, etc). It's therefore necessary to use high factor sun protection every day (higher than 30). You should also use a product that specifically works on reducing marks, such as Vital Light Serum, in the morning and evening and also exfoliate once to twice a week. If the marks don't disappear, you could consider dermatological treatment.

Gio2525 (Italy): Hi, people often talk about products for the eye contour area and the chest but not so much about the neck... But the skin in this area seems very fragile to me and suffers the effects of time. What would you recommend for this area?
 - Breaking bad skincare habits - Clarins advice
Isabelle Thery:
We often forget the skin on the neck which is thin and fragile because it's subjected to friction and tension 24 hours a day. The skin ends up becoming marked and sometimes with a grainy texture. It's highly recommended to use a product for the neck in the morning and evening, in order to protect during the day and repair during the night. Always apply with pressure, descending from the chin down to the chest.

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