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Day/night: the right balance
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Day/night: the right balance

Lolipi12 (Spain): If I use a day cream on my face at night will it still be beneficial to my skin?
 - Day/night: the right balance
Katell Vié:
Everything depends on what your day cream is formulated to do. If for example, your day cream has UV protection, you obviously won’t benefit from this at night. During the night the epidermis renews itself and reaches a peak at about one o’clock in the morning, so it’s a good idea to use a product in the evening which will support any cellular regeneration - a lot of anti-aging creams may help support this process. At night microcirculation reaches a peak at 11pm so during the evening, more so than the morning, it can be good to use products which can help combat water retention.

Anonymous: Is it best to apply slimming creams in the morning or evening?
 - Day/night: the right balance
Katell Vié:
It depends on the active ingredients within the cream. In the morning, the body mobilizes and uses fats therefore it's interesting to use these ingredients which will encourage fats to be used, such as caffeine. In the evening, the body stores fats so it's best to use ingredients that limit the storage. Often, creams contain these two ingredients, allowing you to use the product both morning and evening.

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