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Skincare advice for smokers - Clarins
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Skincare advice for smokers - Clarins

Milangodoro (Germany): Can you recommend any products to help revitalize the skin of people who smoke?

 - Skincare advice for smokers - Clarins
Katell Vié: Cigarettes play a big role in premature aging. Therefore, it's advisable for smokers to choose an anti-aging day cream that protects skin from the harmful effects of pollution as much as possible. This is the case of all Clarins' day creams. For greater protection against free radicals and UV rays, we also recommend applying the 100% mineral-filter Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 after the day cream. At night, with the absence of cigarettes, make the most of it to encourage the skin's repair functions to get to work by using a night cream specific to your age group. The first visible result is a fresher looking complexion first thing in the morning.

Isabelle Thery:
An ultra-complete anti-aging serum like Clarins Double Serum also works wonders on the skin of smokers. It has a guaranteed brightening and rejuvenating effect! One last tip for smokers in order to look after the area around the lips, which tends to end up with vertical wrinkles: exfoliate regularly around the lips every couple of days with Gentle Peeling (twice a week on the rest of the face) followed by a light massage with a few drops of Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil on the affected area for a guaranteed firming effect!

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