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Face care advice - the right order
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Face care advice - the right order

Hzf92: I've heard that if I use a day cream and a night cream from the same range of products that this will help fight against anti-aging - but is this true and to what extent? 

 - Face care advice - the right order
Isabelle Thery: Using a day and a night product from the same range is the best combination to protect your skin at all times of the day, but it also depends on your lifestyle: Sun protection is important if you're outside; protection against pollution and free radicals are more important if you live in an urban area; while skincare products that allow you to apply make-up easily and keep your make-up in place for longer are important if you use foundation. In the evening you should look to use products that help to soothe, restore and repair your skin and maybe also contain skin-embellishing pigments.

Anonymous (Spain): Is it true that applying oil on the face before applying a day cream will reinforce the effects of the cream?
Isabelle Thery:
Indeed it does; it completes the effect of the cream. It's best to apply oil in the evening before your night cream. Take care to choose an oil that's suitable for your skin type. It's a real bonus, notably in winter, for dry skin.

Sophievoisinn: If I apply products to my skin morning and night, won't it encourage more spots and impurities?
Isabelle Thery:
The thing which can cause bad skin and impurities is products which are not adapted to your skin's needs (if a moisturizer is too rich for example). Using a day cream and a night cream which are made specially to support the skin's functions at this time of day (for example, not using a UV cream at night) and textures which correspond to your skin will ensure your skin is being looked after rather than clogged up.

Milangodoro (Germany): Is it true that too many creams and products can end up being bad for the skin? I heard that by putting too much cream on, you deprive the skin of its ability to regulate itself on its own.
Isabelle Thery:
You should use products that are suitable for your skin type and skin concerns (aging) and your lifestyle (if you spend a lot of time outdoors), whilst respecting the biological rhythms of the skin. Your beauty routine should be personalized to what works best for you.

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