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Night-time skin care advice - Clarins
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Night-time skin care advice - Clarins

Martiini (Germany): What night cream would you recommend for someone in their mid twenties?

 - Night-time skin care advice - Clarins
Isabelle Thery: Skin starts to age from 25 years old, even if the signs of aging aren't yet visible. If you're worried about your skin aging, it's the age when you can start to use a product like Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream which fights against premature wrinkles and fine lines.

Katell Vié:
If the skin is particularly damaged from the sun, or even from a period of great stress (illness, pregnancy, poor diet) then using a serum like Clarins Double Serum can help give the skin a more revitalized appearance and boost its essential functions.

Hzf92: Can you explain how the skin works to repair itself at night and if night creams really are all that different to day creams?
Katell Vié:
Like the rest of our body, our skin is subject to different biological processes at different times of the day. The skin works to defend and protect itself during the day while at night it is more focused towards repair processes. The best thing to do is use a day cream optimized to protect your skin against everyday issues, like UV damage, pollution and free radicals, while using a night cream to support the skin while it is regenerating and repairing itself at night.

Equipoenfemenino (Spain): When you haven’t had enough sleep you can really see the results of this on your skin. There must be a way to combat this (other than with more beauty sleep)!
Katell Vié:
Between day and night your skin goes through lots of different processes. A good night's sleep is essential for your skin cells to function at their best. You can counteract the signs of fatigue by using skincare products which are specially formulated for use at night. These can help you to have a fresher complexion when you wake, even if the night has seemed too short! Using cool water when cleaning your face in the morning is also recommended. You can also use brightening products in the morning and make-up to hide dark circles, but in the long term nothing will be as effective as getting quality sleep regularly.

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