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Cellulite - the curse and the 'cures'
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Marks & Spencer Firm Control Anti-Cellulite Waist and Thigh Cincher - tried & tested review


© Pixland
© Pixland
The claim: “Ditch the dimples!”

The M&S version of the anti-cellulite short not only takes on your thighs and bum but stretches up to deal with any waist and tummy cellulite too.

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr Jain says cellulite in these areas is rarer and usually indicative of a wider weight problem. That’s perhaps why the Cincher – is designed to hold you in, in all the right places too.

They’re essentially a version of magic knicker which create a nice silhouette. At least they do if you get the right size.

Mine a bit small and cinch me so tightly around the thigh the line is visible under anything approaching “fitted”. I stuck to skirts for the duration of the trial.

The fit of these is not ideal for me – I’m a classic (if exaggerated) pear shape. Where they’re tight on the bottom at the top I have the opposite problem.

However, for Emma - my fellow wewomen cellulite fighter. A cool size 12 all over - the fit was comfortable and well proportioned. She loved the improved silhouette but grumbled about getting out of them to go to the loo.


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