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Cellulite - the curse and the 'cures'
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Is there a cure for cellulite?


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The bad news, is once it’s there, not even a healthy diet and exercise will rid you of it.  Before you reach for the doughnuts in despair, it’s worth remembering that a poor diet and lack of exercise will definitely make it worse!

‘There is no cure’ Dr Jain says, ‘everything you can do is just cellulite management. Women who come to us for clinical treatment do see results but only really when it’s part of an ongoing program of management.’

Dr Jain tells me that Vaser Lipo (which melts fat cells with ultra-sound before the sucking out begins) can improve the look of cellulite - 75 of his last 100 Vaser Lipo patients attested to improvements in the appearance of their dimples. However, he cautions that undergoing Vaser Lipo just for cellulite is far too extreme and he would never recommend it.

For now, while we wait for a miracle, there is an entire industry dedicated to battling the bumps.  We’ve tried out two of the latest cellulite busters to see how they fare…

On trial are:
Lytess Slimming Concentrate Leggings
Marks & Spencer Firm Control Anti-Cellulite Waist and Thigh Cincher


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