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Cellulite - the curse and the 'cures'
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Marks & Spencer Anti-Cellulite Firm Control Waist and Thigh Cincher Knickers
Caffeine, vitamin E and Aloe Vera, to tackle cellulite, tone and soothe, are embedded into the fabric with micro-bubbles which release as you move.

They’re good for up to 100 washes. M&S claim wearing them 8 to 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for 28 days should lead to smoother and less dimpled skin. They can also have a slimming effect:

An independent trial carried out by Dermscan, a leading clinical testing centre, found that ‘Women [who tried the M&S Firm Control Anti-Cellulite Waist and Thigh Cincher] felt their skin had visually improved and their clothes felt less tight.’

Emma’s verdict:
‘These made me look fabulous in a dress. The only negative is the struggle I went through when going to the loo. After three weeks I think I can see some improvement but I’m not convinced of their fat fighting/cellulite reduction prowess. Great magic knickers though!’

Anna-Belle’s verdict:
The shape didn’t work for me but the result, after three weeks, was better than I expected - my bum looked and felt a little more toned thanks to the compression effect – they acted as a kind of bra for my booty.

Marks & Spencer Firm Control Anti-Cellulite Waist and Thigh Cincher
- £29.50 – Marks & Spencer


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