The 7 best toners for fresh glowing skin

The forgotten step: The 7 best toners for fresh glowing skin
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The forgotten step: The 7 best toners for fresh glowing skin

What is the wewomen team obsessed with right now? Toners. They've become an essential part of our skincare routine. 

Toners are often an overlooked beauty product but the truth is you can never give your skin too much goodness. 

With only 1 in 5 women following the toning step in that age old cleanse, tone, moisturize mantra, we knew we had to share the beauty knowledge. 

Bryan Barron, skincare expert and co-author of Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me says, “After cleansing, what your skin needs is a range of ingredients that restore and repair its surface. Skin can never get too much of these important ingredients, which include antioxidants and skin-repairing substances such as glycerin, fatty acids, and ceramides.

"The right toner can give your skin a healthy dose of what it needs to look younger, fresher, and smoother, right after cleansing and throughout the day.

“Once women try a beautifully formulated toner, they’ll see a noticeable difference in many skin concerns, from texture and pore size to redness and dry, flaky skin.”

Toner is a godsend if you know which ones to go for. Have a whittle through our ultimate faves and let us know which ones work for you!

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