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mariannab80 : Which face cream should you use during pregnancy?

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Sylvie Sola : First of all you should think about protecting your skin from UV damage to avoid dark patches. Your skin will also become more sensitive to products so it's important to use gentle formulations. 

mangoflower : From what age should you start using products especially for the neck and décollet
Sylvie Sola :
The neck and chest are always very exposed, so you should always apply your usual day cream to these areas. From 35/40 it's worth using a product specifically formulated for this delicate area (such as our Advanced Extra-Firming Neck Cream) which can protect and maintain the skin's firmness. Try exfoliating these areas twice a week too in order to keep them firm and smooth.

solangesolong : I've heard that exfoliation can be a bit too abrasive and aggressive for the skin. Should I stop doing it? 
Sylvie Sola : 
Exfoliation is essential for healthy skin and is one of the main things you can do in the fight against aging. According to your preferences and how sensitive your skin is, you might want to try a gentle exfoliant like a cream exfoliator which is ideal for sensitive skin. Gentle Peeling is a good treatment to try once or twice a week for gentle exfoliation.

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