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Which cream for which age?
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Which cream for which age?

misstinquette451 : If you hydrate your skin well from an early age can it prevent the signs of aging? 

 - Which cream for which age?
Sylvie Sola : Hydrating your skin is an essential way to prevent the signs of aging. 

anonyme : 
When should you start using an anti-aging cream? 
Sylvie Sola : The first signs of aging start from 25-30 so it's advisable to start using anti-aging treatments from your mid twenties.

yellowrubi : At what age should I start using a product for the eye area?
Sylvie Sola : The area around the eyes is the part of the face that becomes marked first. From 25-30 years old, applying a product to the eye contour area allows you to slow down the first signs of aging.

mariaburqosa : I have an 18-year-old daughter but she doesn't listen to me when I tell her that she should use a cream every day. Could you help me find some arguments to convince her? 
Sylvie Sola : 
You're completely right to encourage your daughter to look after her skin from now onwards! Well-hydrated skin becomes marked less quickly and will remain supple and radiant. For a special occasion, why not offer her a treatment at a beauty salon so that she discovers the benefits of skincare through the advice of a beauty professional?

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