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Seasonal skincare changes
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Seasonal skincare changes

anonyme : Should you change which day cream you use in the summer and winter?

 - Seasonal skincare changes
Sylvie Sola : In the same way that you change your clothes according to the season your skincare also needs to be considered. Depending on the season your skin has to adjust to the climate, pollution and sun exposure. It's good practice to change your skincare routine to suit the season - a richer cream in winter is often necessary.  

rio999 Can you use a sun cream instead of a day cream? 
Sylvie Sola : 
Sun creams can't be used throughout the year because they're not formulated to be applied under make-up. A day cream is preferable because it can answer your individual skincare concerns.

anonyme : Is it necessary to use sun protection all year round?
Sylvie Sola :
 It all depends on your lifestyle. Although it's obvious that sun protection is essential when you're out in the sun (on the beach, etc.), using sun filters all year can weaken the skin of some women. However, protecting the skin from UV rays with formulas containing 100% mineral filters, on top of your day cream, will protect your skin while you're sitting at a terrace, walking down the street on a sunny day etc.

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