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Think about changing your products
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Think about changing your products

sophievoisin : I feel like my skin is becoming weaker with age and I worry that it won't withstand the daily grind as well as it could. Is it true that skin becomes thinner and weaker with age? Should I change my day cream to give it more protection? 

 - Think about changing your products
Sylvie Sola : With age skin does become thinner and tends to get drier too. The cream that you've been using up until now is perhaps not the best adapted to your current skincare needs. I would recommend that you see a beauty consultant to examine your skin and determine a program of products that works with your needs and your preferences.

zitoon7 : Is it possible for skin to get used to a product so that it becomes less effective?
Sylvie Sola : 
Skin doesn't get used to a product but in the same way that you change your wardrobe depending on the seasons your skincare also needs to change according to the weather. How much your skin is exposed to the sun, stress, pollution and as well as how tiring your lifestyle is also impact your skin. To ensure your skin is getting everything it needs try a consultation with a beauty expert for advice adapted to your needs.

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