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6 tips for getting a warm winter glow

by Marie-Sarah Published on December 11, 2015

It’s bad enough that December brings the darkest days of the year but do our faces have to become equally grey from lack of sunshine? Here are a few tips and tricks that can make your complexion glow with health, even in the dead of winter!

Wash your face, but don’t overdo it!

First, choose the right cleanser for your skin type. If you’re not sure, ask the beautician where you shop for makeup. Second, people of all skin types should only wash their face once a day. While it’s important to get rid of the toxins that accumulate on sensitive facial skin, over-washing strips the skin of its natural oils and only makes it dryer.


Be sure to thoroughly moisturize your face all winter, especially if you play outdoor sports. Remember that dry skin never looks radiant or firm. Think of moisturizing as the foundation of a glowing complexion, and don’t forget your lips! Choose a natural lip balm and apply it from time to time as both a moisturizer and lip gloss.

Choose the right concealer

I never leave home without it! Those dark circles may not seem so bad in the summer when you have a tan but there’s no hiding them in the winter! So unless you enjoy that perpetually tired look, buy yourself a good concealer and make sure it matches your skin tone to avoid the raccoon look. Blend it in with a little finishing powder and voila!

Use powder bronzers sparingly

If you use powder bronzers, go easy on the stuff. What you want is a natural glow, not to look like a clown! Just apply a little where the sun would normally hit your face, like the top of your forehead, your cheekbones, your nose and your chin.

Favour pale pink blush

In terms of blush, pale pink looks far more natural than reddish tones. Just apply a little blush directly on your cheekbones to create that natural “rosy cheeked” look that you see on kids when they come in from playing outside.

Eat foods that promote a glowing complexion

Experts agree that many foods can give your skin a warm glow and, not surprisingly, most of them are fruits and vegetables! The ones that can do you the most good, like carrots, cantaloupe and red peppers, contain beta-carotene, a pigment that can warm up your skin tone. It’s also important to drink plenty of water because this will hydrate all of your skin, including your pretty face, for a more radiant complexion!

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