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Swimming during pregnancy

 - Swimming during pregnancy
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It's a great idea to continue some form of exercise during pregnancy and swimming is one of the best - as it's low impact and the water supports your body it will allow you to give your heart a gentle workout while enjoying the weightless feel of being in the water. That can be a blessing when you feel as big as a house!

As your heart pumps oxygen around your body - and to the baby - you'll be keeping your body as agile as is possible in pregnancy, and building stamina which will come in very useful during the rigors of labor!  Not only that but a few gentle laps up and down the pool will give you a great opportunity to clear your head and 'zone out' a little - something it's very important to do in-between running around, busily preparing the nursery and getting everything ready for the new addition to the family.

As with any exercise during pregnancy, though, be careful not to overdo it and if you've never really exercised prior to becoming pregnant be sure to build up your exercise program slowly.

Before you hit the pool remember that your pre-pregnancy bikini is not going to accommodate your new figure!  As your boobs get bigger and your tummy expands it may not be enough to simply get a slightly bigger sized costume. Thankfully, many retailers have caught on to the need for pregnancy swimwear and you can now hit the pool without compromising your dignity. Online check out Figleaves - it has a pretty impressive range - or Blooming Marvellous (a smaller range than Figleaves but worth a look). Both on net and on the high street, the ever-reliable Mothercare also does swimwear.

Some local authority swimming pools may offer free swimming sessions for pregnant women and many also have aquanatal sessions ran by midwives which as well as allowing you to exercise gently, put you in touch with other mums to be.

Where to find a local class
You can find details of aquanatal sessions in the Pregnancy and Birth section of your local netmums site – www.netmums.com


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