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Surrogacy - the story of two mothers
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Further information on surrogacy


Surrogate mum Tina Lamont
There are a number of UK based surrogacy organizations who can give you information if you're interested in being a surrogate mother or are interested in using a surrogate to start or enhance your own family.

Here's a few website's to get you started:

Surrogate Pathways - www.surrogatepathways.co.uk
Surrogate Pathways provides advice as well as a referral service for intended parents.

C.O.T.S - Childlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy www.surrogacy.org.uk
Advice, support and information. The patron of COTS is Kim Cotton, the first British surrogate mother.

HFEA - Human Fertilization & Embryology Authority - http://guide.hfea.gov.uk/guide/
Govenment website which assists parents in finding fertility clinics, including those who are willing to work with surrogates.

A Little Wish (Surrogacy) - http://surrogacy.a-little-wish.co.uk
The primary help and support surrogacy agency in the UK.


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