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Surrogacy - the story of two mothers
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Michelle’s Story: Surrogacy helped us add to our family


Michelle Hickman
Michelle Hickman
Michelle Hickman, 36, Cheshire

Having our son Robert,  9, should have been one of the happiest days of my life, but problems during an emergency C-section meant I was given a post- pregnancy hysterectomy.

The sense of loss was immense. My husband Martin was very supportive, but I was in mourning for all the children I couldn’t have.

I knew of surrogacy, and my ovaries were intact so I knew we could use IVF if we wanted more kids. We discussed it and decided to have 13 embryos frozen and started a six year search for a host.

We did not have a simple journey, and I was given the opportunity to do an article with our local newspaper to raise awareness of the problems we faced.

A few days later the paper contacted me and said a potential surrogate had been in contact – Tina Lamont. She lived just ten minutes away, so we agreed to meet up in August 2006. Tina was only 25, but had already had three children of her own.

She didn’t want any more nappies to change, but loved being pregnant and wanted to experience it again. I felt really comfortable with her, and we shared a lot of the same opinions on parenting.

When Tina offered I was over the moon and living so close made it even better – I would be on hand to help during the pregnancy.




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