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Surrogacy - the story of two mothers
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My surrogate baby


Michelle and Jaimes
Michelle and Jaimes
Jaimes, the second twin was laid between me and Tina in theatre, so we could both have a cuddle. My surrogate baby!

When I had skin-to-skin contact Jaimes went straight for my breast - he knew I was his mum. Tina expressed some milk and I was able to feed him.

Jaimes had to stay in hospital for a few weeks, but bringing him home was the happiest moment, and Robert loved him immediately.

The whole process cost over £20,000 - for the IVF, Tina’s treatment and her expenses.

But it was worth it. We not only gained a son, but Tina and her children have become part of our family as well.


Jai Breitnauer
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