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Surrogacy - the story of two mothers
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Tina and Martin
Tina and Martin

I was there with her when the embryos were transferred, and I went to every scan and check up. At least once a week I’d look after Tina’s children, and I often popped to the supermarket for her, or brought her some home cooked food.

Most surrogates live hundreds of miles away from the parents, and they might only see each other a few times during pregnancy.

At the twelve-week scan we were told it was twins and were really excited but at 28 weeks the sonographer could only find one heartbeat. My heart dropped through the floor, but I knew I had to be strong for Tina.

‘Did I do something wrong?’ she was asking, tears rolling down her cheeks. I just wanted to assure her that these things happen; it was no one’s fault.  At 34 weeks I got a text from Tina to say she was having contractions.

Martin and I picked her up and drove straight to the hospital. The twin who had died, who we named Clover, was coming first which was unexpected and so they decided to do a c-section. I held Tina’s hand as the babies arrived.



Jai Breitnauer
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