Early labor: how to tell, and what to do
What is early labour?
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What is early labour?

Early labour, or preterm labour as it's also known, is when you go into labour in your 37th week of pregnancy, or before. 

It can be worrying, but is also more common than you might think, especially for twins and triplets.

According to "Healthy Beginnings: Giving your baby the best start from preconception ot birth,"  the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada's  (SOGC) book on preconception,  only 7 out of 100 babies are born preterm.

Going into early labour can pose risks to your child but survival rates are getting better and neonatal care is always improving.

In France, a long-term study showed that the rate of premature labour dropped when there was public education about preterm labour, special seats on buses were set aside for pregnant women, and finally, when pregnant women were encouraged to keep their own pregnancy record. 

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