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Pregnancy, swollen breasts


Not long after you find out you're pregnant, your breasts swell, increase in size and become much more sensitive. This isn't particularly pleasant, and you don't like the visible veins that appear either. Your breasts are so sensitive they're almost painful. Your partner loves your bigger breasts and wants to ogle, touch and caress them, but this just makes you feel a bit like an object...and it hurts!

Why? At the beginning of pregnancy, your breasts almost always swell. Some women love this, especially if they think theirs are too small! However, your breasts also become more sensitive. The beginning of pregnancy is much like the sensitive period you get before your period as far as hormones are concerned, and these little changes can have a big impact on your relationship. At this stage you really need to talk about it: you have to tell him if it hurts when he touches your breasts and he needs to start listening to you, because if he wants to stay close sexually throughout your pregnancy, his listening and adapting skills are going to be put to the test...And this doesn't just stop after 9 months either!


Sarah Horrocks
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