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Pregnancy yoga benefits and exercise tips

Pregnancy yoga advice and exercise tips
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Pregnancy yoga advice and exercise tips

Pregnancy yoga exercises

Pregnancy yoga is one of the top ways to keep fit and healthy while you’re pregnant and really it’s no wonder.

Not only is it a relatively gentle but great way to keep toned but it actually has a load of benefits that can help your body cope with the effects of pregnancy, from birth to backache.

Exercising in pregnancy is really important but knowing what kind of exercise to choose and how much to do can be a worry.

That’s why we spoke to Tara Lee, yoga expert to the stars and author of new book Pregnancy Health Yoga: Your Essential Guide for Bump, Birth and Beyond, to tell you everything you need to know.

Plus she shared with us her top five yoga exercises to do while you're pregnant so you can try it for yourself!

So for everything you need to know about Pregnancy yoga as well as step-by-step exercises read on!

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