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Pregnancy health: ward off winter ailments
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Catching and coping with a stomach bug


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Stomach bugs (gastroenteritis) are more prevalent in fall and winter. If you get symptoms (vomiting and/or diarrhea), here's how to cope:

> Rest up! Sickness and diarrhea can leave you feeling weak at the best of times, but when your body is focused on nurturing your baby, it's even more important that you get as much rest as possible.

> Stick to plain foods and stay hydrated. "Eat carrots and rice and drink sweetened water and flat coca cola to rehydrate yourself", recommends Dr Goupil-Rousseau. Bananas, dry toast and plain cereal without milk are other good options. If you're struggling to even keep water down, try taking small sips through a straw.

> Avoid anti-diarrhea medicines. Drink ginger tea or lemon and water to settle your tummy instead. Some rehydration salts can be taken during pregnancy, but check with your pharmacist first.

> If you have a fever or if the symptoms last for more than a couple of days, call your doctor.


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