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Pregnancy health: ward off winter ailments

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© Envie de fraises - Pregnancy health: ward off winter ailments
© Envie de fraises
Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you're spared from the onslaught of winter bugs! And with both your health and the health of your unborn baby at stake, it's important to stay healthy and know what medication is safe to take.

How can you boost your immune system? What should you do if you get the sniffles? Is flu dangerous for your unborn baby? 

We've called in the experts to answer your questions and help you ward off ailments that tend to rear their ugly heads during the winter months.

Our thanks to midwife Evelyne Cosquer-Ferry, gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Christelle Charvet, gynecologist Dr Goupil-Rousseau, and general practitioner Gaétane Froelicher.


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