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Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia explained
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Help and support for pre-eclampsia sufferers


Annette Briley, Senior Research Midwife at Tommy's
 “I didn't come around for two days and my distraught husband and family stayed by my side as they were told I was in a touch and go position.”

Nicola remained in critical care for ten days and then was transferred to a private hospital as doctors attempted to bring down her blood pressure and deal with other complications such as a clot that had developed on her lungs.

“I was so poorly I was unable to see my newborn babies and older boys,” Nicola said. I kept vomiting and the headaches would come and go along with blurred vision.”

It was another two weeks before Nicola was allowed home where it took her months to fully recuperate.

“I had a horrific time but it was my husband and our families who lived through the nightmare of watching me suffer. I am just so grateful for the intensive care staff who actually saved my life.”

For Nicola, it was her close family and friends that helped her get over the ordeal but there are a number of support groups out there.

“At Tommy's we deal with a range of baby-related problems and have helped huge numbers of women who are at risk of pre-eclampsia,” pointed out Annette Briley, Senior Research Midwife and Clinical Trial Manager at Tommy's Maternal & Fetal Research Unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London.

“Being told you have the condition can be very frightening so we are there to offer ongoing support and advice on what action they should take. We are only at the end of a phone line (0870 777 30 60) if anyone needs our help.”



Suzanne Baum
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