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Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia explained
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Post-natal pre-eclampsia and eclampsia


Nicola Hanison suffered post-natal pre-eclampsia after the birth of her second set of twins.
Nicola Hanison suffered post-natal pre-eclampsia after the birth of her second set of twins.
Although her symptoms settled down soon after the birth of her second child, Dr Crème suffered from terrible headaches three days later.

Diagnosed with post-natal pre-eclampsia, she was prescribed medication to reduce her blood pressure and was put on bed rest.

Around 1 in 2000 pregnancies in the UK go on to develop eclampsia. This extremely life-threatening condition, the most severe case of pre-eclamspia, can cause the mother to become dangerously ill during her pregnancy or soon after the birth.

The condition can cause the patient to lose consciousness and have seizures, which was exactly what happened to 34-year-old Nicola Hanison, a few days after the birth of her second set of twins.

“I had a great pregnancy and felt really well after having my girls who were born by caesarean section at 36 weeks. It was on the ninth day after their delivery that I became unwell.”

She recalls waking up in the middle of the night with a horrendous headache.

“I woke my husband up and told him to call for help immediately as I felt as though my head was exploding. After that I don't remember a thing.”

In fact Nicki vomited, fell into a state of unconsciousness and suffered from a number of seizures.

“Thank goodness I had a maternity nurse living with us as she was able to look after the babies and my husband called his parents to look after our older twin boys.”

An ambulance took Nicki to her local hospital where she was admitted into the critical care unit. After a number of tests including a lumber puncture and MRI scans, she was diagnosed with eclampsia, a condition that can cause some women to fall into a coma and in extreme cases can also cause death.




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