Pelvic floor exercises for after pregnancy
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Alongside pelvic floor exercises, there are other methods which your doctor might advise you to try to tone your pelvic floor muscles:

Electric stimulation:
This is where a small electronic probe is placed in the vagina and painless, low frequency electrical currents cause the vaginal muscles to contract. This technique is very efficient as it stimulates the pelvic floor muscles deep down. 

This method involves placing a sensor in the vagina which lets you see and hear the contractions. It sounds bizarre but the sensor is connected to a visual and/or sound system so you know by the intensity of the sound or colour of the light whether you're doing the contraction correctly. 

This allows you to perfect your technique when you do the exercises on your own as well as enabling you to step up the effort and duration gradually. 

Vaginal cones:
Vaginal cones come in different weights and you place them inside the vagina twice a day for 15 minutes.

Starting with the smallest cone first you use your pelvic floor muscles to keep the cone in place, strengthening the muscles. Once you're comfortable holding the lightest one, you move on to a heavier cone, and so on.

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