Pelvic floor exercises for after pregnancy
Why it's so important
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Why it's so important

After pregnancy your pelvic floor muscles can get considerably weakened and problems like urinary incontinence and lack of sensitivity during sex can arise.

These are particularly an issue after pregnancy if:

  • It’s not your first pregnancy;
  • Your baby weighs more than 3.7kg at birth;
  • The circumference of your baby’s head is greater than 35cm;
  • Forceps were used during labour;
  • You had an episiotomy.
Many women find that they leak a small amount of urine when they lift, bend, sneeze, cough or laugh all because the pelvic floor is weak.

It’s very common so there is no need to feel at all embarassed by this, almost 20% of women suffer from weakening of the pelvic floor to the point of urinary incontinence just a few weeks after giving birth but there are things that you can do to help get things back to normal.

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