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Maintaining a healthy pregnancy
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Avoid infections


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Cystitis and urine infections are more common during pregnancy than at other times.  One reason for this is the high levels of progesterone, the pregnancy hormone, which makes the urinary tract larger and more relaxed than usual, making it empty less efficiently. 

Also, as the uterus grows, it puts pressure on the bladder and urethra which can make it difficult to pass urine properly.  When the urinary tract is not emptied, bacteria hangs around for too long and can multiply, leading to infection.

Maintaining a good pH-balance can help keep bladder infections at bay. Try adopting more stringent cleansing routines while pregnant.

For on-the-spot cleansing and relief try a pH-balanced wipe such as Femfresh Natural Balance Cleansing Wipes that contain mallow and naturally anti-bacterial calendula extracts.  They are easy to carry in your handbag and are flushable and biodegradable. 

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If you do find yourself afflicted with a nasty bladder infection while pregnant, remember over-the-counter medication will not be suitable! A good pharmacist will refer you to your GP, who can recommend a treatment that's safe to use while pregnant. Get seen quickly to avoid the spread of infection!

In the meantime, drink lots of fluid, especially cranberry juice.

Check out babyworld.co.uk's advice on urine infections during pregnancy - click here


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