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How to combat tiredness in pregnancy
The causes
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The causes

As expected, pregnancy is a huge change for a woman's body to go through. As well as the physical changes, there will also be emotional and hormonal changes to deal with and all of these can weigh on an expectant mother.

While you can't really change the hormonal side, there are physical things that can affect your energy levels.

Emma Cannon, pregnancy expert and author of The Baby-Making Bible says: "Pregnancy requires a great deal of energy from the mother.

They get this energy from the food that they eat, how good their digestion is at getting the nutrients from the food, how much rest they get and what their individual constitution is like.

If they eat irregularly, don't get good quality sleep and are stressed they are likely to feel tired."

So if you have all of these factors in check you will be able to at least reduce the feeling of fatigue and we can show you how!

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