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Second Trimester
Vacationing while pregnant
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The benefits of water during pregnancy


 - The benefits of water during pregnancy

The benefits of water are endless!
- Bathing in sea water is strongly recommended: it has a calming, relaxing effect, which is perfect for if you're feeling anxious.
- When you're in the water you feel light and can temporarily forget about the weight of your belly.
- The iodine in the water helps to activate your metabolism and burn fat and protein
- Take a stroll with your feet or legs in the water: walking in the sand is a good form of exercise.
- In the sea or in a pool, swimming is an excellent sport for easing your body, strengthening the muscles in the stomach, back, kidneys and thighs, and making your joints and perineum more supple. You can swim right up until you give birth, as long as your cervix is closed.

- Do back stroke and sidestroke.
- Don't go too far out in case you get too tired to swim back.
- Train yourself to hold your breath under water: this is a very good exercise that will improve your breathing for when you go into labour.


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