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First Trimester

Travelling while pregnant

Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy there's no reason why vacations out of the question, but bear in mind the restrictions your condition imposes on your travels when you go abroad...

Pregnancy yoga benefits and exercise tips

Find out the benefits of pregnancy yoga as well as the expert's top 5 exercises to do whilst pregnant!

The do's and don'ts of pregnancy made easy

We all know how to get pregnant but what do when you actually are with-child can be quite tricky to work out on your own. We got the experts to help.

How to combat tiredness in pregnancy

It's no surprise that during your pregnancy you might be feeling pretty worn out! So if you're feeling the fatigue here's some advice to get those energy levels up again...

Diet during pregnancy: Foods to avoid and healthy eating

Want to know what you should and shouldn't eat when you're pregnant? We found out.

Body changes in pregnancy: 12 tips for pregnancy body beauty

Banish the blues and feel amazing as we celebrate the body changes in pregnancy and how to make the most of them!

Pregnancy health: ward off winter ailments

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you're spared from the onslaught of winter bugs! We've called in the experts to answer your questions and help you ward off ailments that...

Sciatica in pregnancy

Sciatica in pregnancy manifests itself through pain that spreads towards the bum and leg area

Tiredness, dizziness and pains in pregnancy

Excessive tiredness is common during the 1st trimester of pregnancy because of the hormonal changes, and the nausea and sickness which reduce your food intake.

Constipation in pregnancy

During the course of pregnancy, almost one in two women will suffer from constipation.

Sickness in pregnancy | Vomiting in pregnancy

Sickness and vomiting in pregnancy are two of the most frequent afflictions encountered during pregnancy.

Cervical stitching (cerclage)

Cervical stitching is a procedure for pregnant women who have a weak cervix. Find out what it involves.

Gestational diabetes

Some pregnant women experience diabetes during their pregnancy: this is known as gestational diabetes. Find out about the measures to take and possible complications.

Medication and pregnancy

Although it’s best not to take any medication during pregnancy, it's sometimes necessary since a lack of treatment could put both mother and child at risk. Read our advice on...

Listeriosis and pregnancy

Listeriosis is a bacterial infection that can be potentially harmful to the fetus or newborn. Find out more and discover the precautions you can take to avoid it.

Morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy

If you’re expecting a baby, you’ll probably suffer from nausea at some point, just like around half of all pregnant women. Although unpredictable, it’s harmless to the fetus...

Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy

Toxoplasmosis is an infection that can be harmful for your unborn baby. Find out what it is and how to avoid it.

Multiple pregnancies

Finding out you're expecting more than one baby is a big surprise! After the initial shock come the questions: how will your pregnancy be different, and what will happen at the birth...

Maternal instinct

When you’re expecting your first child you can be afraid of not loving your baby enough or of not being able to be a good mum. It's a common belief that a mother should know...

10 fashion tips for pregnancy

Follow our 10 fashion tips to stay looking stylish throughout your pregnancy.