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Diet during pregnancy: Foods to avoid and healthy eating
Food to avoid
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Food to avoid

There's lots that you can and should eat while you are pregnant, but there are also some foods that you should try to avoid.

Refined food
Well, it's pretty obvious that refined food like Big Macs and takeaways aren't great for you, but you should especially try to avoid them during pregnancy. There's no need to cut them out all together of course, pregnancy is tricky enough without having to cut out your beloved Saturday night Chinese. But try to cut down those kind of meals to once a week or, even better, once a month.

Unpasteurized cheese
Most cheese is pasteurized nowadays, so you should be ok, but there's no harm in checking. Unpasteurized cheese is risky as it can cause listeria.

Unwashed salad and veg
It's best to always wash your salad and vegetables when you are pregnant, putting them in salted water is even better.

Soft boiled eggs
Try to avoid soft boiled eggs while you're pregnant as they are associated with a risk of salmonella. Free range eggs are less risky.

Women are often told to give up caffeine during pregnancy. It's best to reduce caffeine intake to one or two a day, and maybe opt for a milky cappuccino over a double espresso.

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