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Diet during pregnancy: Foods to avoid and healthy eating

Diet during pregnancy: Foods to avoid and healthy eating
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Diet during pregnancy: Foods to avoid and healthy eating

There's so much to think about when you're pregnant and getting ready for your little one. But there's one thing that really is worth thinking about and that's your diet during pregnancy.

You'll want to do everything you can to protect your baby and make sure that they are born healthy. Making sure you eat well while you are pregnant is one way to do this.

We spoke to Sue Macdonald, midwife at the UK's Royal College of Midwives to ask her about the best diet during pregnancy.

She told us that eating healthily while you are pregnant is good for many reasons - it is healthy for your baby, for your body and it means that you'll have a healthy eating pattern when your baby arrives.

Sue told us that you could write a whole book on this topic, but she gave us a little introduction to the foods that we should have more of when we are pregnant, the ones we should avoid, which vitamins are good to take and how many extra calories we really should be eating when pregnant.

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