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Naming your baby
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What's in a name?


© PHOTODISC / Jupiterimages
© PHOTODISC / Jupiterimages

There's no doubt that, whether because of characters from history, literature, TV or our own experiences, certain names conjure up certain images.

Due to this, to some extent we're all guilty of making snap judgments and treating people according to their name. It's therefore reasonable to assume that there's a connection between name and personality.

The degree of this connection is debatable, but the director Robert Rodriguez was surely asking for trouble when he named his sons Rocket, Racer, Rebel and Rogue.

That said, parents who choose kooky names are likely to be unconventional, so it stands to reason that their children may grow up to be slightly left of centre regardless of their names.

Equally, kids with traditional names are more likely to have parents with conventional ideals.


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