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Naming your baby

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With a curt nod, she dismisses the hired help and congratulates herself on a job well done.

Yes, the nursery is the perfect setting for her next staring role as an A-list über-eco-super-scrumptious-yummy-mummy. Turning to her husband, 'Honey,' she simpers clutching her professionally bound birthing plan (32 pages excluding bibliography), 'the nursery is divine, our little...' she pauses and (as if for dramatic effect) takes a deep breath, 'Princess Pear Bear Brandi Boo will love it.'

Yes, from Diva Thin Muffin and Moon Unit Zappa, to Jermajesty Jackson and Nicole Richie's inhumanely named son Sparrow, celebrities are renown for saddling their offspring with eccentric names.

However, Tinseltown has recently seen an influx of mini-mes with short names such as Max (Charlie Sheen, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez) and Ava (Kevin Dillon, Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman).

So, whilst Ava Witherspoon is diligently labelling her schoolbooks and Dior dresses 'Ava W', and Sparrow is once again all a twitter because the 3 Maxes have filled his lunch box with worms (how could Nicole fail to see that one coming?), what will your little one be doing?

By Katherine Wells


Parenting Editor
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Article Plan Naming your baby
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