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Women entrepreneurs: Scientists try to determine their secret of success © Thinkstock
Women entrepreneurs: Scientists try to determine their secret of success © Thinkstock
According to Dawn Gibbons, entrepreneur, philanthropist and star of Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire it is now estimated that more than 60 per cent of our country’s wealth will be in female hands by the year 2025.

A generation ago this would have been unheard of. So what has been responsible for the shift? Gibbons believes that it has a lot to do with women escaping from the corporate world in search of flexibility.

‘Women are getting stronger and stronger. They are better educated and more confident in their abilities, they think, why can’t I do that? Today’s women don’t just accept that their lot is to be at home with the kids, and the freedom of running your own company makes it possible to be a hands-on mother too. But it is really hard work,’ she says.

Both her daughters were looked after by a child-minder in the offices of her company, Flowcrete. ‘It worked perfectly because I was able to see them at any time of the day, if I had been working for an employer I would never have had that flexibility,’ says Gibbons.

The improvement in technology has also been a major factor, creating opportunities for women to start their own ventures. You only have to look at the huge growth in internet start ups over the last few years.

‘The development of the internet means that you can base your business at home, dramatically cutting down the cost and risk of starting up. And for women at home this means you can run your business around childcare. You can pick your children up from school and then be back to your desk,’ says Tenison.


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